SPI task list/roadmap

Hi folks:

For the benefit of some of my co-workers tracking progress on the 
service provider interface (SPI), and the interest of others, I am 
attaching the current short-term tasklist for SPI development work.  We 
have a proof-of-concept prototype of the 3-tier system now, and the 
following task list describes incremental changes/adaptation on the road 
to an initial SPI prototype.  We hope to have a substantial number of 
these tasks undertaken and a prototype SPI implementation ready by the 
end of July.

This list is not prioritized, nor does it indicate the order in which 
the tasks will be done...

[a] - Investigate effect of inheriting SPI interfaces from 

[b] - Replace current Accessibility Broker bootstrap code with OAF-based 

[c] - decide on API for subinterface queries

[d] - implement pause/resume using CORBA exceptions

[e] - Write proof-of-concept demo showing Java interface to Broker 
(proof-of-concept for the Gnome Java bridge)

[f] - Write initial implementation of AccessibilityBroker interfaces 
(probably a partial, rather than complete, implementation)

[g] - Integrate "atk/gail bridge" with SPI servants (so that GTK+ apps 
automatically register with SPI broker)

[h] - integrate client SPI code with the C binding ".so" library, and 
write a demo client that uses the C bindings (thus avoiding any explicit 
 knowledge of CORBA in the "AT" client)

[i] - implement an example of subinterface queries (with an eye to 
performance, otherwise we'd just use DII in all cases)

[j] - begin writing "AT-side" test harness

[k] - implement at least some of AccessibleDesktop SPI using C bindings 
to sawfish

[l] - design and begin implementing failsafe/restart and error handling 

[m] - begin profiling for performance and memory management



Bill Haneman x19279
Gnome Accessibility / Batik SVG Toolkit
Sun Microsystems Ireland 

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