Re: Dialog buttons

Hi Colin,

> > ... discussion about how a blind user might "see" default buttons under
> > various scenarios ...
> hmm. Ignoring the issue of defaults for a moment, would it be possible
> and/or desirable to let them know that these buttons where on the
> bottom row? (Or, to put it semantically, that they were buttons that
> applied to the dialog as a whole.) You see, I've been thinking, for a
> number of reasons, that it would be useful to have some sort of API or
> component to say that a set of buttons were specifically dialog
> buttons.

In the Accessibility Toolkit (ATK), there is something called Accessible
Relation - a way to build relationships between widgets (you can choose what
widgets and what their relationship is).  Perhaps this would be a good
application of that encoding - that these buttons have a "member of"
relationship with the dialog, or are "controllers for" the dialog (or perhaps we
should introduce some new relationship type).


Peter Korn
Sun Accessibility team

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