Re: Keyboard navigation bug day

>Miguel de Icaza wrote:
>> I would love to participate in a keyboard navigation bug-hunting day.

Great, I hope we can get wide participation.  I would distinguish between 
application-level bug-hunting (which as Calum points out might well wait until 
the port), and toolkit-level bug hunting/fixing, which needs to happen ASAP!  I 
think it's also never too early to look into how to do keynavigation for custom 
widgets in case where it is 'know' already that keynavigation features are 

>Well, I think the consensus so far is that we should thrash out the
>keyboard issues that will potentially be built in to the (gtk, possibly
>GAL and EEL too?) toolkits on the relevant lists first, then have a
>proper bug-hunting day once people have started porting their apps to
>use those toolkits.

Yes, I think it is very important that custom widgets follow the conventions we 
choose for GTK+, in the case of 'similar' widgets.  In the case of EEL/GAL 
widgets that don't inherit from complex GtkWidget types, one can hunt for and 
identify keyboard navigation bugs *before* the port, since it can be assumed 
that they don't inherit much keynav behavior from GTK+ itself.  So, by all 
means, let the hunting begin!  And for any widgets that you think are not 
covered by our existing keynav proposals, please add them and open the 
discussion on them.

>I'll put together a list of what I think the outstanding toolkit-level
>issues are in the next few days, and post them for comment/discussion.
>> We probably should also assemble a list of things that can be
>> systematically tested:
>Good idea... that sounds like something that will be useful when we have
>our post-porting bug-hunt.

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