Re: Stock items - toolbar label vs. menu label

>Java doesn't do it with a special shortcut key, as far as I recall, but
>perhaps that's not such a bad idea.  We're proposing F10 to activate the
>menu bar and Shift+F10 for a popup menu-- so without having checked to
>see if it's used for anything else, perhaps Ctrl+F10 could cycle focus
>through each of the available toolbars...?  Just a thought.

I think something like Ctrl-F10 would be good, though tab and cursor keys are
also an effective way to navigate toolbars.

BTW, I've seen cursor-navigation glitches with dialogs that mix
checkboxes and other widgets; the checkboxes are not in the
regular cursor-traversal path; selecting a checkbox and then
using cursor will merge the checkboxes with the other widgets
(for the purposes of cursor-traversal) but once you leave the
last checkbox you can't cursor in again. An example of this is ggv's
preferences dialog, Document tab.


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