Re: ATK_STATE_STALE questions

>Quick question:
>We have already decided that a cell should be set to ATK_STATE_STALE
>if its index value no longer points to its actual location within
>its parent.
>Is it safe to assume that the function atk_object_get_index_in_parent()
>will return an invalid value if the child's state value is
>ATK_STATE_STALE?  Or should it return -1 or something?

Hmm, it's not obvious that atk_object_get_index_in_parent() should 
'fail' in this case.  It would be useful if 
atk_object_get_index_in_parent still worked, though it might be hard to 
implement in some cases.  

I don't think it's a must, but it's not clear that one would expect it 
to fail.


Bill Haneman x19279
Gnome Accessibility / Batik SVG Toolkit
Sun Microsystems Ireland 

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