Re: Stock items - toolbar label vs. menu label

On Thu, 19 Jul 2001, Calum Benson wrote:
> Since toolbars would normally share the same mnemonic context as the
> application's menu bar

	Oh, I forgot the obvious reason why we need to remove the
mnemonics - or at least have different ones for toolbars: while the
mnemonics are designed for nice conflict free use in eg. the 'File' menu,
when these mnemonics are mixed [ with items from many menus appearing in
the toolbar ] there will inevitably be hard to resolve conflicts which
will simply confuse the user and create grief.

> icons-only or not, and it would be pretty hard to find enough
> mnemonics to go around both the menu bar and the toolbars in some
> cases.

	Yes, precicely.

> But I could be way off the mark here... maybe some of the folks on the
> accessibility list have a view on this?

	Thou speaketh much sense 8)



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