Re: Actions for GailButton

My thinking about this was the following hypothetical scenario. Let's say we have an audio recorder with standard cassette-recorder style buttons "play, fast forward, rewind, and stop". What if the programmer wanted the rewind and fast forward buttons to rewind or fast forward the current recording/playing possition only while they were depressed. A simple button "click" action for these two buttons would not be sufficient.

The only reason for having these additional actions is to afford an accessible means by which to simulate press and release events, in the event that they have some additional meaning in the application.


At 04:48 PM 7/11/2001 +0100, Padraig O'Briain wrote:
According to

There should be four actions for GailButton: Pressed, released, Clicked,
activate, with an additional action toggle for GailToggleButton.

I had thought that we have decided that there would be one action for both
GailButton and GailToggleButton, i.e. click the button. I cannot find any record
of discussions on this topic.

If you think that the four actions should be implemented, please explain why.


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