atk_component_set_[extents, position, size]() implementation

The ATK API has functions atk_component_set_extents(), 
atk_component_set_position() and atk_component_set_size() which return TRUE if 
successful, FALSE otherwise. The functions are implemented in gailwidget.c.

The position or size of a child of a container cannot be set in coordinate units 
unless the container specifically supports that. This means that the above 
functions will first need to test if the widget is a top level widget, or a 
child of a container which supports resizing and/or repositioning in coordinate 
units. If the widget is not, then the function must return FALSE.

As far as I know, the only containers that support repositioning/resizing of 
their children are GtkFixed and GtkLayout. So if the widget to be 
resized/repositioned using the above functions is not a top-level widget (these 
are always resizable/repositionable with respect to coordinate units) or the 
child of a GtkFixed or GtkLayout, then the functions should return FALSE.
If the widget is top-level then gtk_widget_set_uposition() and 
gtk_widget_set_usize() will be used. If the widget is a child of a GtkFixed or 
GtkLayout, then gtk_layout_move()/gtk_layout_set_size() or gtk_fixed_move() will 
be used.

Does this sound reasonable?

Any comments?

I will start implementing this soon.

Oisin Boydell
Sun Microsystems Ireland
Phone: +353 (0)1 8199778
Mobile: +353 (0)86 3045117

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