early access release : Help please !

Hi all,

I've just subscribe to this list a few minuts ago and I wish to install and
test the first release of GAP you provide on the website. 
Excuse for my bad english but i'm french and speak just a few words in
Then I have downloaded the .tgz file and decompressed it in a directory of
my debian. I obtain a directory called /opt with a lot of files but I don't
find documentation helping me to execute that. Then if someone could give me
some explanations it will be very nice !
and I suppose I must install a speech synthetiser too. then what tts may I
install ? Is it viaVoice compatible or not ?
Perhaps I'm off topic because this list seems to be a developper list but
don't hesitate to tell me.
Thanks in advance for your help : It will be appreciated !


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