Re: atk_image_get_image_position

Padraig O'Briain wrote:
> I am trying to understand why we have defined this method in the AtkImage
> interface. What does this give us that atk_component_get_position() does not?

The bounding box of an image is not always the same as the bounding
box of the Component that implements it.  Thus for a button that
AtkImage, atk_component_get_(position, extents, size) gives the
box info for the button, whereas atk_image_get_(position, size) gives
bounding box information for the 'image' rendered on the button.

I agree that since we have decided that lightweights may often
implement AtkComponent, the rationale for this method is less 
compelling than when we thought AtkComponent implied a backing widget.

However I think that as long as AtkObjects can expose AtkImage
that differ in geometry from the 'containing' bounding box of the
AtkComponent, this API has utility.


> For reference, a similar Java interface, AccessibleIcon, does not have such a
> method.

I think this is a shortcoming of the Java API, are you sure this has
not been
added in 1.4 ?
> Padraig
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