[g-a-devel] Re: Keyboard control of sliders broken in FC5?

So based on the lack of responses, I'm assuming no one has been able to confirm this?

If so, then I'm really confused, as it's happening on 2 FedoraCore5 boxes that I know of to date. For purposes of troubleshooting this further, can anyone tell me which component of Gnome would actually govern keyboard manipulation of sliders?


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Subject: Keyboard control of sliders broken in FC5?

Hi all,

I'm noticing a weird issue in FedoraCore5 that I'm wondering whether anyone can verify? It appears that the ability to manipulate slider controls via the keyboard is broken. This doesn't seem to be a screen reader specific problem, as it occurs with both Gnopernicus and Orca. I initially noticed the issue in the volume control. If for example, focus is on the master channel 1 slider, and I up arrow, instead of incrementing the slider, focus moves back to the tab control of the dialog.

My initial assumption was that the volume control application itself was broken; however, I am now noticing the same behavior in the Orca config UI, when I attempt to adjust sliders for speech pitch, rate, etc.

I am also running Ubuntu Dapper, and under Ubuntu, sliders are working as expected.


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