[g-a-devel] ATK over a network?

Hi all.
While playing around with running X programs remotely, I was thinking of how
Windows screen reader users are able to use Windows Terminal Services to access
other machines, and get Windows screen readers to read it.

I was wondering whether anybody has thought of implementing a network protocol
for ATK? There is very likely more to it, but the idea is escentially this.
A user runs a GNOME/GTK/any application that uses ATK on a remote connection.
All keyboard and mouse actions are sent normally, but as well as the graphics,
also send back accessibility information to the client, which programs like GOK
or Gnopernicus can interpret as if the program was running on the local system.

I am not sure whether this would have to be done at the ATK level, or the GOK
or Gnopernicus level, but I think it is one way we can certainly offer a method
for users with disabilities to use programs remotely, which they may have to
at some point.

Just some food for thought.


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