[g-a-devel]GNOME Speech Driver Update

Hi All,

Just a note in response to Juan's query about Viavoice.  Viavoice does not 
work on recent distributions on Linux, but here are a few other options.

I just confirmed with Kevin Lenzo of Cepstral that the downloads available 
from Cepstral's web store are compatible with gnome-speech.  Voices are 
$29.95 each, and with one at least voice installed, gnome-speech will 
build the Theta driver.  You can purchase the Cepstral voices at:


If you have the Fonix DECTalk Linux runtime installed, gnome-speech will 
build the DECTalk driver.  The Fonix DECTalk LInux runtime is $50 from 
fonix's website:


FreeTTS is available on sourceforge:


Note that in order to successfully build and use the FreeTTS driver, you 
must have the follwing items installed:

Java SDK version 1.4.1 or later
java-access-bridge module from GNOME cvs
The FreeTTS speech synthesizer installed

In order to build the FreeTTS driver, you must specify the location of the 
FreeTTS jar files with the --with-freetts-ir option to the gnome-speech 
configure script.

Best Regards,


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