Re: [g-a-devel]typos in event type names


Thanks for the mail. I should be able to take it from here.


gnome-accessibility-devel bernard-hugueney org wrote:
> Hello, sorry for not being as helpful as I should in this "bug
> report", but I don't know where to look exactly.
> I think there are somewhere some typos in
> object:property-change:accessible-parent
> object:property-change:accessible-description
> object:property-change:accessible-name
> somewhere in the code (gail ?)
> They seem spelled sometimes with '-'(accessible-parent) and sometimes
> with '_'(accessible_parent).
> Unfortunatly, I cannot but sure that it happens for each type name or
> even in wich at-spi bridge it happens :-(
> All I can be sure it that if I go to eog Edit->Preferences menu, I get
> object:property-change:accessible-parent events, And when I close the
> Preference window, I get object:property-change:accessible_parent
> events.
> HTH, let me know if you want me to enquire. I don't know the culprit
> (at-spi, atk, gail ?), so I don't know what kind of bug to file.
> Bernard
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