[g-a-devel]FreeTTS Support in GNOME Speech

Hi All:

I am trying to implement the getAllVoices call in GNOME Speech 0.2 for FreeTTS:

  enum voice_gender {

  struct VoiceInfo {
    string name;
    short language;
    voice_gender gender;

  typedef sequence<VoiceInfo> VoiceInfoList;
VoiceInfoList getAllVoices ();

The Java idl compiler translates this to:

org.GNOME.Speech.VoiceInfo[] getAllVoices ()

So, I'm creating an array of VoiceInfos:

VoiceInfo[] voices;
voices = new VoiceInfo[1];
voices[1] = new VoiceInfo ();
voices[1].name = new String ("deault");

And it compiles. What I get back on the ORBit2 client side is a Nill object. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong, or what might be happening here?


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