[g-a-devel]Gnopernicus Localization

Hi Draghi and all,

I've had a quick look and think about Gnopernicus localization, and I think we should have a preliminary discussion on this list to clarify the issues. I'll start the discussion by outlining what I believe to be the issues and what I believe *may* be the correct solutions. I should preface this by saying that my knowledge of the current localization mechanisms is very limitted!

1. The Gnopernicus UI for configuration is a standard GNOME UI written in glade XML. It should be localized in the standard way (using gettext). The user would presumably want the configuration dialogs and windows in Gnopernicus to be in the chosen (default) locale?

2. The messages spoken and Brailled by Gnopernicus may be in the same or different locale as its configuration dialogs (although I would think that having all messages/dialogs in the same locale would be the most common use case). They should also, I think, be localized in the standard (gettext) way. This raises issues about retrieving messages from two different locales within the same execution of a program. Bill, I think you did some investigation into this.

3. The UI of the applications for which Gnopernicus is providing access may be in the same locale as Gnopernicus's UI, or a different one. This means that Gnopernicus must be sensitive to the locale of accessible applications, and must control the speech/Braille output appropriately. Is it possible to determine the locale of a running application?

4. The text/documents in applications for which Gnopernicus is providing access may be in the same locale as those applications, or in a different one. (French text in an English Star Office). This seems to be a similar issue to number 2, but worth mentioning separately since I think it may present other issues. Since the ATK text interfaces don't provide any means to determine what locale text is in, is there any way to distinguish the locale of a document/text from the locale of its containing application?

This list of problems/discussion topics may be incomplete, so anyone who has more information should please add it to the discussion.



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