Re: [g-a-devel]at-spi speedups ...

Hi Bill,

On Mon, 2002-12-16 at 13:41, Bill Haneman wrote:
> Thanks for the patch; it looks great *except* that I do not think there
> should be any ATK usage in cspi.  Generally I think reuse is great but
> in this case it would cause more interpenetration of our layers, which
> is not a good thing.

	That's a great shame. After talking for some considerable time about
this I still have no idea why a layered design is in this case a good
thing, or sufficiently useful that we sacrifice every other metric of
code quality to id.

	Can you think of any concrete examples of how layering could possibly
help here in any real-world situation ?

> I realize that adds both code and labor (and thus the possibility of
> error), but I still think it's the right thing to do (to avoid ATK usage
> in cspi).

	It adds not only code and labour time, but also increased maintenance
problems, performance issues [ the AtkStateSet is nice and efficient ],
looks like a long term headache to me. Furthermore I'm not willing to
waste my life re-writing existing working code, only 1 method call away
in a slower and more buggy fashion.

> I don't know _what_ happenned in cspi_main's 'take' method :-/ .

	Acute breakage.

> Since there's a release today I'd like to fix those three lines first,
> I'll credit you in the ChangeLog.  Maybe I had multiple emacs sessions
> and clobbered something, since I _do_ always 
> 'make clean; make > /dev/null' to catch warnings.  
> Perhaps I will have to go to -Werror...

	I suggest you use emacs, put (global-set-key [f7] 'compile) in your
~/.emacs, use F7 to compile, and C-x ` to go to next error - which will
save you considerable time, and also make warnings sufficiently annoying
that you fix them.

> BTW, what compiler version are you using?  You are seeing a couple of
> warnings that I don't get (for instance, the spi_text fallthrough).

	I'm using gcc 3 of some sort; however it's more likely to be the fact
that I use -O2 that shows more thinko type warnings up. -Werror is a
nightmare for portability.

	There are also rather a number of poisoning bugs that are fixed in that
patch, pwrt. not resetting global or shared CORBA_Environments that
would be worth getting in.



 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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