[g-a-devel]Re: Gconf and gnome_program_init errors

Hi Michael

Thank you for advice at gconf. I  will try it.
I has a question about the standards of command line arguments.
In GNU standard I read that for version and help arguments it need two forms, 
the long and the short form.
For help : -h and --help
and for version: -v and --version

The gnome_program_init() function list me these arguments:
-? and --help for help
--version for version.

Could you explain me, why it is this changes in gnome?

Thank you.
Best Regards
Paul Sprencz

On Monday 19 August 2002 13:17, you wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> On Mon, 2002-08-19 at 13:04, Sprencz Pal Csongor wrote:
> > The first issue is in the gconf. I reported this bug on bugzilla with
> > 90843 number.
> 	Apparently that's a feature; I'd view it as a bug personally but ...
> there you go.
> > The problem is, when I try to read a key from an empty configuration file
> > (or the key doesn't exist in the file). When calling the
> > gconf_client_get_xxx() api, it doesn't return an error message in GError
> > structure (GCONF_BAD_KEY or anything else) about  the key that doesn't
> > exist. The returned value by these functions is 0, and it is not good for
> > me in more cases.
> 	If you want to detect if GConf is not working; it _seems_ the canonical
> way is to install a schema with a value like
> '/apps/gnopernicus/always_true' that is always true - fetch it and if
> it's false then gconf is mis-behaving, so exit sooner rather than later.
> 	That aside; you should be installing a schema file with all the
> applications defaults included - it's a serious bug that gnopernicus is
> not doing this.
> 	See (eg.) libgnome/schemas/ to see how that's done - essentially you
> supply a default value, documentation etc. for each key [ this is as
> used in gconf-editor ].
> > The second issue is with gnome_init_with_popt_table() or
> > gnome_program_init() and, poptGetArgs(). This problem I detected at
> > nautilus too.
> ...
> > If run the application with invalid argument, like:
> > /application --sdfgh
> > the poptGetArgs() api doesn't return anything about that wrong argument,
> > and the application is working.
> 	Extraordinary indeed, this does seem to be a general bug in
> gnome-program; 'gedit --frobincation' indicates that; then again it may
> be a feature to allow easoteric command line arrangements; if you're
> unsure file a bug against gnome-program (libgnome).
> 	Regards,
> 		Michael.

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