[g-a-devel]at-spi event crack smoking ...

Hi Bill,

	I was somewhat appalled to look at the at-spi/cspi/spi_main.c code and
see what has been done to it.


	 * must ref before doing "direct pointer" identity comparisons,
	 * e.g. "accessible == a".
	 * Alternatively, one can use cspi_object_equal (a, b)
	Accessible_ref (event->source); 
	Is just rubbish.

	The way cspi_object_new is used is extraordinarly nasty; there are far
easier, more efficient and transparent ways to do all of this, how did
this get done this way with no review ? how about this:

      ref = malloc (sizeof (Accessible));
//    ref->objref = CORBA_Object_duplicate (corba_object, cspi_ev ());

	A C++ style comment ?

	Glancing at cspi-bonobo-listener.c (cspi_event), out of interest, how
is the source, allocated by cspi_object_new ever freed ? I could go on
and on ...

	Basically, I look back at this code after a month or so away, and I
find it littered with half finished bodges, much like it was before I
cleaned it up. This code got to a point where it was clean, and fairly
lucid and functional, it's falling back into the mire - why ?

	This is extremely depressing; it is unacceptable for you not to agree
to maintain at-spi co-operatively, and submit your patches to review,
just incredible.

	Marc - I'll re-write this code, to work if I get some time - and try to
revert some of the last few months' breakage.



 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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