[g-a-devel]Accessibility for Eye of Gnome

  I am looking at Eye Of Gnome from the accessibility

  The GLE output is as shown below.

  The custom widget EogWindow consists of a private
  member  'ctrl_frame ' of the type BonoboControlFrame.

  Whenever a image file needs to be loaded, a control
  component is obtained through bonobo_get_object call
  and is associated with the private member 'ctrl_frame'
  (of EogWindow) through bonobo_control_frame_bind_to_control
  call. A widget is then obtained from the control frame
  through bonobo_control_frame_get_widget and is added to the
  vbox in the EogWindow.

  I think AtkImage interface needs to be implemented for the
  EogWindow custom widget to make it accessible.
  But when I click on the image which is displayed, the ferret
  output shows the following information :
  Widget name : BonoboSocket
  Accessible Type :  Gail Container
  Parent Accessible Type :  GailBox

  Hence I'm not clear at what level in the hierarchy  I need to
  implement  AtkImage and would like to get some help in this regard.

  Thanks 'n Regards

JPEG image

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