Re: Call for text size and style advice for Gnome 2

Havoc said:

>What I want to do in the future is support pango font descriptions with
>relative sizes in pango_font_description_merge() so you can use modify
>font() with
> pango_font_description_from_string("+2")
>And have that work, as it does for style "bold italic" or family. (We
>probably should have a gtk_widget_modify_font_name() for
>It would take about 10 minutes to implement and involve no changes
>outside of Pango at all, but as a semantic addition, I don't want
>to do it now.

Fair enough, but is there a case for doing it for accessibility reasons?  What is 
needed is a clean way to apply relative size attributes to bits of text... pardon me 
for jumping in to the discussion late,  but do we not have this now?  If markup is 
the only means we have at the moment then my assumption from an accessibility 
perspective is that markup is the only accessible sizing mechanism we have.

>> Nearly all text-displaying widgets do support AttrList somehow though.
>> It's probably also fine to use gtk_widget_modify_font() as long as we
>> handle style_set etc., which I guess Nautilus always has. Trivial to
>> apply a scale factor ourselves in the style_set handler. Maybe this is
>> what make_larger should do.
>Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh. gtk_widget_modify_font() causes a new style
>to be set with a larger font. You might be able to figure out how to
>get around this infinite loop, but it would be utterly ugly.

This sounds dangerous from an accessibility POV as well...


>And GTK+ is perfectly free in the future to decide that a RC file change
>(the user changing the size) didn't change the font at all (because
>the size was previously overriden)
>                                        Owen
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