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"This clearly comes from someone who has never programmed Windows.

Yes, as a programmer I want to give my programs the correct "look and
feel" for the system. But it takes Microsoft forever to get the latest
widgets from IE or Outlook or Word into the damned OS. They write their
own "custom" widgets within their applications, and if you want the same
look and feel you must too . The result is as you say: a whole lot of
custom widgets which don't upgrade when the OS does. But it's not the
programmer's fault, it's Microsoft's. They add widgets in the
application groups and they take 2 years to filter into the common
controls, where developers can use them. If you're using MFC it takes
yet longer before the APIs are properly wrapped in a new MFC version.

So although I agree with what you say - and I agree that the Mozilla
design is terrible - I think it's unfair to blame developer hubris.
Developers want to conform, and they are unable to."

This would seem to correlate somewhat with the gal situation -- discuss
amongst yourselves. 

-- Richard

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