Re: Rare slashdot insight

Richard Hestilow <hestilow ximian com> writes: 
> This would seem to correlate somewhat with the gal situation -- discuss
> amongst yourselves. 

Well, we can only speculate on how Microsoft actually does things, but
I'd assume they try out widgets in Office first and move them to the
base OS if it seems to make sense to do so after trying them out. I
don't see a big issue there. The /. guy seems to want more APIs to be
supported sooner; MS probably doesn't think they are ready to ship, or
thinks duplicate APIs would be confusing, or first has to do Visual
Studio support, or first has to finish the docs, or whatever. Who
knows. I think it's pretty likely that there's noticeable work to go
from an API the Office guys can use internally to an API they are
willing to support. Plus they have to finish that work by the freeze
date for the next version of Windows, which no doubt means delaying a
new API by a year or two sometimes if they miss the boat for one
version and have to wait for the next.


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