Proposed libgnomeui changes required for accessibility

I have reviewed libgnomeui to determine what changes, if any, will be required in order for GNOME 2.0's accessibility framework to be implemented on its widgets. The following two widgets appear to require changes:

* GnomeAbout
        Accessible Interfaces Supported: Acccessible, AccessibleText
        Comments: the text displayed in the dialog is
                drawn directly to the GdkWindow.  There is no way to
                map screen or window coordinates to offsets in the
                displayed text.  This affects the
getOffsetFromPoint and getCharacterExtents functions of the AccessibleText interface. proposal: provide access to the PangoLayouts used to draw text to the GdkWindow?

* GnomeIconList:
        Interfaces supported: Accessible, AccessibleSelection
        Comments: A substantial amount of work.  Needs
                accessible flyweight implementation for icons as
                well which would implement AccessibleImage.
                1. Add API accesser function for an icon's text
                        (preferrably returned as a
                        GnomeCanvasRichText, but alternatively, as a
                        gchar *).
2. Add an API accesser function to access an icon's image data. Could return either a GdkPixbuf or a GnomeCanvasPixbuf.
                3. Add keyboard navigation to select and move between
                        icons.  This implies the notion of an icon in
                        the list receiving keyboard focus.
The other widgets in the library appear to have adequate coverage based on the current accessibility support for GTK+.


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