Re: Open API Bugs, 28 September

From: Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com>
> This list was briefly down to 8 items, but after going through
> all the non-milestone bugs open, it's back up to 17. Luckily,
> the new bugs are mostly small ones, and the ones that aren't
> small are very likely to be punted.

There's one bug that's been worrying me API-wise. I'm not sure
if it's an API bug or not, so I haven't marked it one.

57691: check error conditions in backend read/write/seek

Notes: Someone who understands the win32 backend needs to check that
       the GIOChannelError error messages which replaced the old
       GIOError error messages make sense.

Several of the errors returned (particularly in g_io_win32_msg_[read,write]())
were straight translations from GIOError to GIOChannelError when
I did the major GIOChannel patches, and are probably not correct.
I'm concerned that it may be necessary to add additional error
types to the GIOChannelError enum. If someone who knows win32
could look this over, I'd appreciate it.

Ron Steinke

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