gnome-http (was: Re: GNOME 2.0 Platform Alpha Deadline)

>> Various things use it, including a couple of applets in
>> gnome-applets. However, gnome-http has a very low-level and not so
>> well integrated API. My suggestion would be to drop it from the
>> official platform, but still include it in the release as a
>> non-platform library.
> Also, no one has been hacking on it.
> --Chris

actually, i had plans to, and had been playing with it for a little
recently. i was planning on putting out a new release soon, assuming
it's okay with chris, to a) fix a few bugs, and b) release a newer
version so that some contributors can update their patches uniformly to
that new version.

i'll still probably do that, but i'm certainly not qualified to say
whether or not it's a worthwhile endeavor to keep the library itself in
common use. other postings here seem to think it should be deprecated.
is that the case? or does it just need some fixings (bugs, POST, etc.)?

best wishes,

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