Re: GNOME 2.0 Platform Alpha Deadline - Sep 26, 2001

On 18 Sep 2001, Bill Gribble wrote:


> I don't know how many of these use libgal directly.  gnucash certainly
> doesn't, but we rely on gtkhtml, so we must link against libgal. If the
> need for the packages above to link against libgal is eliminated by
> other aspects of GNOME-2.0, then I don't give a fig if libgal is part of
> GNOME-2.0.   It's just not clear to me that that's the case, and if it's
> not, it seems silly to claim that libgal isn't part of the core of
> GNOME, because every major GNOME application I can think of save
> Nautilus links against it, and it links against libgnome. 

Well... supposedly people will move to gtkhtml2 that afaik does not use
libgal but does use gnome-2 apis...

> b.g.


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