Re: GNOME 2.0 Platform Alpha Deadline - Sep 26, 2001

Sander Vesik wrote:

On 18 Sep 2001, Havoc Pennington wrote:

Unknown or needs fixing, I will be working on these:

gconf gnome-http

Does something actually use - or will be using gnome-http in gnome-2.0?

Nothing uses it afaik, but for some operations it is much easier to use than gnome-vfs. I can tell because I ported uf-view (the comic viewer ;) from gnome-http/ghttp to gnome-vfs.

If gnome-http is in the platform, I reckon it will be used. Maybe adding a couple of convenience APIs with the same semantics as the gnome-http ones (I don't remember which APIs exactly, I can look it up though) would be enough to ditch gnome-http.

Most people that want http will use gnome-vfs or an external library like neon (when gnome-vfs doesn't provide enough features) anyway.


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