Re: ORBit2 parallel install fixes

On 11 Sep 2001, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> This is what I had to change to make my ORBit2 RPM install alongside
> ORBit1. Of course, the result is still unusable, because the ORBit1
> package I have hasn't had its headers moved... I'll investigate that
> next if it hasn't been done in CVS yet.
> (I moved libIDL.texi on the server side, so it shows as removed but
> it's just moved.)
> OK to commit this change?

Tried to test this patch in RPM, and it works as it's supposed to.
Just a cosmetic question: for *-config, other software uses xxxx2-config
instead of xxxx-config-2. Should orbit follow it or differ?

Another suggestion: is it better to do a simplistic move for ORBit1
headers, say, from /usr/include/* to /usr/include/ORBit1/* ? Then
programs requiring ORBit1 just need to be recompiled, and not too many
other changes needed. In other words, follow what glib/gtk does now.


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