Sound in Gnome 2.0

Hi all. I am here again to bother with sound support in Gnome, please
don't kill me. I missed the votation for features in Gnome 2.0, and I
noticed afterwards that although there were requests for changing the
sound server, the guy that put a rating to the requests didn't see much
urgency on it.

I would like to ask you to please give it more importance to it, and do
a votation on this as soon as posible, better before Gnome 2.0 comes
out. I've spend some time looking at the possibilities and now I
recognize that Gnome really needs CSL:
because of various reasons:

* Compatibility with KDE
* Use of a sound server in active development (artsd) that solves the
problems of resampling and mixing, and is more configurable than Esound.
Also my impression is that it isn't as slow as Esound (Gnome
applications crawl when mixing sound events while KDE doesn't).

Now that Gnome is going to break compatibility, should be the time to
make this changes and start porting to CSL. I know I may seem like a
back-seat coder, but as soon as there is a resolution on this I'll help
porting applications or do documentation.


Su sonrisa significaba que en ese momento 
tenía todo lo que quería tener.

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