Re: broken: pkg-config and $includedir/gnome-2.0

On 28 Oct 2001, Havoc Pennington wrote:

>  -L /foo/lib -lblah -L /usr/lib -lbaz -L /foo/lib -lfoobar
> Because the position of -L options with respect to -l options is not
> significant. (I always thought it was, maybe no one else shared this
> delusion, but it turns out that it isn't.)
> it otherwise would be. Libtool probably handles this correctly...

No, libtool is a little brain-dead about this, particularly during
relinking. It always turned out that libraries are linked with
$libdir/ instead of the necessary library, if libtool is
not patched.

For example, IIRC somebody complained about failure to compile pango,
and the reason is because pango was not already installed in system, so
that /usr/lib/libpango-*.so is not found and hence the failure.


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