Re: radio groups in libglade

jacob berkman wrote:

That code in libglade should probably be removed. Michael added support for handling radio item groups in libglade-convert. It now uses the "group" property of GtkRadioButtons and GtkRadioMenuItems, which gives the name of the first button/menu item in the group, which means no special support is needed in libglade.

GtkRadioMenuItem has no group property, but i should be able to do a
custom property for it.

It would be more useful to add the property to GtkRadioMenuItem, rather than hacking around the lack of the property. The gtk+ maintainers said that the API freeze didn't cover missing properties, so this is the correct way to fix the problem (and is much more useful to other users of gtk+).

i had asked owen on irc and he said no.

Is there any chance you would reconsider about this Owen? It would make libglade handle GtkRadioMenuItems a lot better (I have already solved the case of GtkWidget type properties once, and it would be good if that code can be reused here). It would match up with GtkRadioButton better as well.


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