Re: libglade custom properties

On 11/23/01 James Henstridge wrote:
> typedef void (* GladeApplyCustomPropFunc)(GladeXML *xml,
>                                          GtkWidget *widget,
>                                          const gchar *propname,
>                                          const gchar *value);
> void glade_register_custom_prop(GType type,
>                                const gchar *prop_name,
>                                GladeApplyCustomPropFunc apply_prop);
> Note that this API addition is a "semi public" API -- a normal app 
> wouldn't use it, but a library implementing libglade support may need it.

What if a library of widgets written in some language binding
needs to have custom property support as well?
You need the usual user_data/destroy_notify pair in the API.


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