Re: [G2R] Why is bonobo-config a 2.0 core library?

Hi Stephen,

On 22 Nov 2001, Stephen Browne wrote:
> I was really hesitant to send this mail because I really dont want to
> ressurect a flamefest about bonobo-confg, but here goes anyway.   

> My question is in the subject and I'd like the release team to 
> consider this at their next meeting.
        I won't be there; sadly since I'm on holiday - so go for the
discussion - lets make it really uneducated, like the last spate !

> I can't see anything in GNOME 2.0 that is (should) be using
> bonobo-config so I'm wondering why it is defined as a core 2.0 lib. If
> I missed something that is using it then let me know.
        It's extremely useful for any CORBA aware app - perhaps a
scripting binding - without it you get to wrap the gconf API for every
single scripting language; which just sucks.

	However it does need some considerable fixage, and do some yucky
things with TypeCodes that might be good to hide inside the ORB.

	I hope that libbonoboui will use uit to store its configuration in 
due course to remove an explicit dependency on GConf, but for now it's 
haced to use GConf - temporarily.


 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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