Re: Panel Accessibility - Key Nav

Bill Haneman wrote:
> Drazen Kacar wrote:

> > I haven't done any measurements myself and I've never asked for more
> > details, so I cannot say if those reports were overstatements or not.
> > 
> > But please take into account the network bandwith when designing defaults.
> I am not sure what you mean here - bitmap themes are generally going to
> be bandwidth hogs.  Just adding the panel to the set of apps using the
> bitmaps doesn't seem to be a big additional hit.  I think that this is a
> good reason to make the default theme a non-bitmap one though.

Yep, that's what I meant as well.

> But if GTK apps are already using the bitmaps, I don't see much
> performance value in being inconsistent with respect to the panel.

Well, if the user sets a bitmap theme, there's not much that can be done.
But the default should be something simple.

Some administrators might appreciate an option which would disallow user
installed themes, thus forcing them to use one of the themes that the
administrator has set up (which would presumably not be bandwidth hogs).
This seems somewhat extreme, though.

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