Re: GNOME 1.x and 2.0 interoperability issues (fwd)

On 19Jun2001 08:06PM (+0530), Ravi Pratap M wrote:
> Hi Archit,
> On 19 Jun 2001, Archit Baweja wrote:
> > I remember getting the same errors when compiling bonobo-conf (I think). Then
> > baulig told me to use bonobo-config. And I didn't get anymore errors.
> 	No, these errors came from libbonobo. Anyway, the problem is fixed
> now. Have to mail Maciej the patch for fixing oaf's pkg-config file.
> Everything else built smoothly after that :-)

Ramiro fixed it already. I suck.

I'm glad to see lots of people building GNOME 2 though!


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