Re: help making librsvg and eel stay out of the way of GNOME 1 versions

Notes for Ramiro:

 - rename the library to include version number in
   So replace with or whatever.

I think you should do this only for the newer version.

 - all headers of BOTH the old and the new versions must be
   in a subdirectory of includedir. So:


   #include <eel/foo.h>

   This may require a re-release of eel1 to fix, but it has to be
   fixed, or people including eel/foo.h will get the old headers.

I think you should do this for both.

 - if you have executables or data files, rename them or the directory
   they are inside

 - change your .pc files or -config scripts to contain
   -I includedir/eel2, and the new library name.

 - docs need installing to a versioned directory also, of course,
   a special case of data files

These also can be changed only for the newer version.

    -- Darin

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