gnome-recent, ready to rock

Hello guys,

I know this is not the best time to propose adding API into libgnomeui
but this is an offer you are not going to be able to resist ;-).

gnome-recent provides with functionality for apps to handle the recently
opened files. Snorp wrote it during the past week and i think it is more
than ready to go in. He also wrote a sample application to test the
code. You can get both the sample app and the gnome-recent code from the
gnome CVS module "gnome-recent". It handles notification of files opened
across different instances of an app, so that you always get the same
list and will provide us with a global opened documents menu.

Since this is an API addition, this will not break any apps. I would
like for everyone to consider adding this functionality into libgnomeui
and discussing the API, althouh I am aware that it might be a bit too


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