Re: Getting libgnome* into shape

On Fri, 31 Aug 2001, Laszlo PETER wrote:

> James Henstridge wrote:
> >
> > On 30 Aug 2001, jacob berkman wrote:
> > > with just C api, 2 libraries / applications cannot use features of each
> > > other.  ie, gal cannot call eel functions if eel calls gal functions.
> >
> > I might be mistaken, but wouldn't you be able to do "-lgal -leel -lgal"?
> > If the interdependencies are more complex, it may be necessary to add some
> > more "-leel -lgal"'s to the end.  And on systems supporting shared
> > libraries, simply doing "-lgal -leel" would be sufficient.
> It's fine once you have gal and eel built but what order would you build them?

I just said it was possible.  I didn't say it was a good idea, or easy to
do.  As I said in the paragraph after, circular dependencies usually mean
that the library/component boundaries are wrong (either part of one
library should be split off, or the two should be merged).

As for building two circularly dependent libraries, it is probably easiest
to have them in the same package, so the headers (interfaces) of both are
available before they are installed.


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