Re: Getting libgnome* into shape

[ Argh... having some problems with evo today... ]

> But Martin, what you wrote sounds like an endorsment of gconf to me 8-)
> We just need to make a nice wrapper exposing a CORBA api for it.

I don't think anyone here has a real problem with gconf. It's pretty nice.
But isn't bonobo-config just that nice wrapper exposing a CORBA API for
gconf? Ideally, bonobo-conf would talk directly to gconfd (or a gconf
shared-library component) over CORBA. But since Dietmar and Havoc couldn't
get it worked out in time, it just became a wrapper around the C API. This
gives us the option, though, of changing that implementation later.

Havoc is right, though, we could make abstractions until we turn blue, but
I think that the purpose of bonobo-config should be instead of having its
own various backends to talk to gconfd directly.


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