Re: Getting libgnome* into shape

Martin Baulig <martin home-of-linux org> writes: 
> And it also makes it very hard to completely drop GConf in future -
> for instance because in 1 year from now, there's a completely new
> config backend which is at least as powerful as GConf, but which is
> also used by KDE - and imagine, how cool it'd be if we were able to
> switch to this new backend with just a one-line change in
> bonobo-config !

This is like saying that if GDK wrapped GGI then we could plug in
new GDK backends in the future.

It misses the point that GDK is already a drawing abstraction, and
already has multiple backends.

If you have an abstraction for a given feature, you can chain them


Hey you can even make loops:


However, only one of these layers is sufficient to let you magically
plug a different backend later. i.e. there is no point having 6 layers
of abstraction that are all basically parallel.

That is, you could plug the super cool new backend into GConf just as
well as you could plug it into bonobo-config.


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