libglade todo list

I will put out another devel release of libglade soon.  What has been done
since the 1.99 release was put out include:
  - remove long_name APIs and clean up some of the construction APIs to
  - fix up gtk-doc build a bit to match the newer APIs.  Add some more API
  - Port the bonobo support over to the new code (it was hardly used in
    the 1.x platform though).  This is mostly untested.

Still on the todo list include the following changes (which don't affect
the C API):
  - Handle the translatable="..." attribute of <property> elements.  This
    is how libglade will work out what properties to translate.

  - Handle more property types.  The big one is to support GtkWidget type
    properties.  This would be needed for things like GtkAccelLabel,
    setting the mnemonic widget for GtkLabels, etc.

  - add a module to support libgnomeui.  This is fairly trivial for
    widgets that implement properties.

  - actually handle ATK properties

  - discuss with glade2 developers whether there are any other changes
    required in the new XML format.

  - improve libglade-convert script even more (this will probably be done
    through more testing).

C API affecting changes include:

  - go over the glade_xml_signal_connect_full and
    glade_xml_signal_autoconnect_full functions to determine what (if any)
    changes are needed to make them useful to language bindings.  I have
    been adding libglade support to my python bindings in order to test


Email: james daa com au

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