autoconf 2.52 tip

When moving your packages over to autoconf 2.52, it is probably worth
adding the package name and version arguments to the AC_INIT() macro call.
Doing so will customise a number of messages from configure (such as the
output from --help or --version).

You can also specify a bug reporting address as the third argument.  A
link through to bugzilla is probably the best option.  Something like

AC_INIT will set the AC_PACKAGE_NAME and AC_PACKAGE_VERSION macros to the
name and version you used.  These macros can then be used as arguments to
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE in order to make sure the two values stay in sync.

So, if your 2.13 looked something like this:

  AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(packagename, versionnumber)

You can change it to something like this:

  AC_INIT(packagename, versionnumber,

There may be some other things the new autoconf uses the package name and
version for, so it couldn't hurt to set them.


Email: james daa com au

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