GNOME 1.4 Rel Eng Minutes (March 26, 2001)

Minutes for the GNOME 1.4 Release Committee meeting March 26, 2001

  Maciej Stachowiak (co-coordinator of 1.4, chair)
  Jacob Berkman     (co-coordinator of 1.4)
  Dan Mueth         (documentation, minutes)
  Greg Corrin	    (PR)
  Ian Peters        (co-coordinator of Fifth Toe)
  Kjartan Maraas    (translations)
  Jamin Gray        (co-coordinator of Fifth Toe)
  Gregory Leblanc   (testing builds, ftp, stuff)


  Karl Gaffney      (coordinator of QA)

 * Aim for GNOME 1.4 release on April 2
 * Package deadline is Wednesday at noon PST

Work Done:

Work in Progress/To Be Done:
  ACTION: Leslie to incorporate feedback to press release and
          send to board and 1.4 release team
  ACTION: Maciej to email Karl about his potential showstoppers

Agenda Items Left For Next Meeting:

GNOME 1.4 press release:
  * It is looking good
  * Leslie will incorporate feedback and send out revised draft to 
    1.4 release team and board of directors

Whether we need an RC2:
  * Docs and l10n improvements since RC1 can go in
  * Code changes since RC1 need approval
  * They should write a bug report explaining the change and why it is
    crucial to make this change.  They should then mail it to 
    gnome-1 4-release-team gnome org
  * libxml - DV plans to support both the old and new parser, and
    will hold off until 1.4.1
  * Michael wants a few bonobo fixes to go in
  * Karl wants Nautilus bugs 7491 and 6218 fixed
  * Nobody present feels these bugs are showstoppers, although few
    people have any opinion on the issue at all
  * We should try to get it fixed soon however

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