[gnet-announce] GNet 1.3.1 ("Tomacco 2" for developers) has been released

GNet 1.3.1 is unstable and for developers only.  GNet 1.3 includes IPv6
support and many API changes.

GNet is a simple network library.  It is written in C, object-oriented,
and built upon GLib (1.2 or 2.0).  It is licensed under the GNU LGPL.

The GNet homepage is <http://www.gnetlibrary.org>

Tarball available.

1.3.1 ("Tomacco 2" DEVELOPERS release)
* New Base64 module (by Alfred Reibenschuh)
* Major documentation improvements
* Some minor API renaming in Inetaddr and TcpSocket

1.3.0 ("Tomacco" DEVELOPERS release)
* IPv6 support
* Server, Conn, URI, and Unix modules are no longer "experimental"
* Header files are now in gnet-1.3
* gnet-config removed.  Use pkg-config.
* Many API changes
* gnet_server_new() changed, but the prototype is the same.  Make sure
        you are using the new version correctly.

David Helder - dhelder umich edu - <http://www.eecs.umich.edu/~dhelder>

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