Re: [gnet-dev] amd64 fixes

On Mon, 2005-09-12 at 22:24 -0400, Daniel Gryniewicz wrote:

Hi Daniel,
> I'm an amd64 dev for Gentoo, and we had a bug submitted that gnet 2.0.7
> didn't build with --enable-debug (which of course enables -Werror).  As
> a result, I went through and fixed all the build errors with
> --enable-debug, and here's the patch.  Most of these are changes of
> guint to gsize, because gsize is a long, which is 64-bits on amd64.  

Thanks for the patch. I've committed most of it as is, with the
exception of the last chunk (see below) and the conn-http part
(G_GSIZE_FORMAT only exists since GLib 2.6 and it doesn't really seem
sensible to bump the requirement just for that; casting to guint should
work fine as well in practice).

> The only part I'm leary about is the hunk at the end.  It obviously deals
> with other arches than Linux, so the define check might have to be
> changed to accommodate other Unix variations.

-#ifndef socklen_t
+#ifndef __socklen_t_defined
 #    define socklen_t int      /* socklen_t is int in Darwin */
 #  else

in src/gnet-private.h doesn't really look right to me.
__socklen_t_defined is a private define, isn't it? I don't think we
should be using that. Why is that necessary in the first place, and why
does linux/amd64 differ here from linux/other-arches?


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