[gnet] Licensing of gnet examples

Sorry for those on the cc list who get extra copies of this; I had
assumed that I could send to the gnet list as a non-subscriber & simply
have to wait for it to be moderated. The list outright rejected the
message, though, so now I've subscribed & am resending:

A coworker of mine just noticed a slight discrepancy in the licensing of

The library itself is LGPL, however the files under /examples are all
GPL according to the comments at the top. It makes things a little
awkward, since you can use the library without needing to GPL your own
app, but you have to be a little bit wary of how closely you mimic the
given example code when first starting out.

It appears that David Helder and Mark Ferlatte are the only copyright
holders listed in those files, so I wanted to ask if they'd be willing
to relicense those files under the LGPL to help clear this situation.


David Hoover <karma deadmoose com>

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