Re: [gnet] Question about gnet and g_main_loop_run

On Thursday 21 July 2005 19:03, Kostas Katsamakas wrote:

> The problem was in the server callback function that accepted the new
> connections. Part of the code there was like this:
> gnet_conn_readline(conn);
> gnet_conn_set_watch_readable(conn, TRUE);
> i noticed in gnet examples that gnet_conn_readline was the last statement
> in the callback so i commented above last line.
> And it simply worked.

The API reference for gnet_conn_set_watch_readable() says "Do not enable this 
while using gnet_conn_read(), gnet_conn_readn() or gnet_conn_readline()" for 
a reason ;-)

I'm glad you found the problem in the end.


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