[gnet] GNet and Gtk


I will break the silence surrounding this mailing-list for quite a
moment now. But beware, this is a *newbie* question ;).

I'd like to make a simple example. It's a modified echoserver. It
doesn't print what it gets on the console, but instead it prints it out
in a gtk widget.
Well, it should do that, but don't do it at the moment.

Instead, depending where I put the gtk_main() function, it showed
nothing (no window appearing), or it showed the window but didn't update
the widget that i was trying to change.

My problem seemed related to gtk_main(), the main loop.
I don't know where to put it in order to make the whole stuff working
I did some essays/errors but couldn't figure where to put it.

Then I began to think harder. Maybe it's because I was trying to modify
the "standard" echoserver.c program. And maybe this program used
synchronous system calls that made the "GUI" freeze or not respond.

Should I modigy an asynchronous version of the server, or am I thinking
wrong ?

Sorry for my bad English.

Bruno Dusausoy <bdusauso beeznest net>

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