[gnet] Re: GIOChannels, GNet, GOIO

Hello Andreas,

On Sat, May 08, 2004 at 04:22:21PM +0200, Andreas Rottmann wrote:
> I want to bring Bug#106686 [0] up to dicsussion again. I like the idea
> of having an GObject-based IO system quite a lot and think it would be
> a worthwhile attempt to unify GIOChannel, GOIO (see [0] and [1]) and
> the GNet library. Since I need a more flexibility than offered by
> GNet+GIOChannel, I'm willing to invest some effort to get this
> started. I have the following in mind (as needed for my project):
> 1) Add an aynchronous facility ala GIOChannel watches to GOIO
> 2) Provide a callback-based GConn-like interface above that
> 3) "Port" GTcpSocket to GOIO
> For those interested, the problem I need to solve is: I have a GConn,
> using gnet_conn_readn(). After a certain amount of reads, I want to
> switch to "bare" asynchronous operation on the underlying IOChannel
> (using watches). I need to do the watch stuff since I have a
> multiplexer that operates on GIOChannels -- the problem I have is that
> the GConn does separate buffering.
> Also, this would solve the shortcoming of GNet that you can't use
> GConn-callback style IO on e.g. UNIX domain sockets (GConn is
> hardwired with a GTcpSocket), since the GConn-style interface provided
> in 2) will be able to be stacked above every object that implements
> GoioWatchable.
> Thoughts?

Thank you for your input and your interest in general.
I certainly had in mind adding sockets to GOIO.
As for GIOChannel, I doubt it's worth unifying it with
GOIO because it's too limited and suited for modest
requirements (i.e. no GObject).

Async capabilities weren't at the top of my drawing board because I
care mostly for pluggable polymorphic streams (as inspired by java.io
and, in part, GStreamer). However, if they can be integrated without
much hassle, fine.

I'll take a look into your code in a day or two.
Please keep me in touch.

Stay tuned,
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